The Landscape Atelier - Full and Part Time Study

I am excited to announce a new opportunity for full and part time study of landscape painting.

The Landscape Atelier is a new concept in the study of landscape painting. The atelier (French, meaning the workshop or studio of an artist) was common in 19th century Europe where students would typically enter an established artist’s studio for training, often in a classical, academic mode. This study took place over the course of many years, building the student’s skills through progressive training in drawing from casts, copying masters, drawing from life, then painting from life.

Drawing on this tradition, The Landscape Atelier is a course of study designed to provide students with thorough and rigorous training in landscape painting, based on learning core concepts and skills, observation of Nature, drawing and sketching in the field, design and composition, to advanced indirect painting techniques in the studio, and working from memory and imagination.

Based on 19th century methods, this course of study will start with the basics of drawing, making close studies of Nature, field sketching and observation in the field, showing students how this way of preliminary study and work can not only deepen your knowledge and understanding of your subject, but increase your powers of observation, eventually leading to an increased ability to work from memory and imagination.

The course of study will include study of art history, specifically the work of 19th century landscape painters in Europe and America. Additional studies of the literary and cultural trends of the 19th century will provide context for the art history studies. Natural history, field guides and other resources will provide material for basic scientific understanding of the natural world we seek to depict.

For complete information please visit The Landscape Atelier.